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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters
The system is used in hard allow extrusion machine of bar material, controlling operations of extrusion cylinder, frame turning cylinder, material chamber turning cylinder.

Oil in the system is supplied by high & low pressure tandem pumps. Low pressure pump with high flow rate allows extrusion cylinder to extend and retreat fast under no-load condition while high pressure pump realizes slow extrusion. Extrusion speed is controlled by proportional selector valve with lowest extrusion speed 8μm/s, realizing stable performance and no scramble. Automatic pressure control is realized through proportional overflow valve with highest extrusion pressure 32MPa, guaranteeing steady pressure level and no fluctuation. Filters of different fineness (suction filter, pipeline filter, returning oil filter) are applied to guarantee cleanliness of the oil, greatly reducing system failure.

The most distinct features of the system are low speed and high pressure, guaranteeing stable nature of the extruded hard alloy bar material.