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Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are traditional products of our company. Our ability of nonstandard designing is among the top in the domestic market. 

We entered the industry of hydraulic & pneumatic system in 1985, and have made remarkable progress in recent years. High quality hydraulic cylinders and integrated systems have been supplied to various industries such as garbage incineration power generation, industrial furnace, calcium carbide furnace, casting production line, storage battery production line, forging production line, high-tech construction machinery, etc. Hydraulic cylinders for special vehicles are mainly applied in engineering and municipal vehicles.

In 2003, we entered the industry of municipal vehicles/equipments and established China’s first professional production line of telescopic hydraulic cylinders in 2008, obtaining annual production capacity of 10,000 telescopic hydraulic cylinders. We have been a solid supplier for municipal vehicles/equipments manufacturers, offering standard hydraulic cylinders and integrated systems for eight categories including integrated garbage compactors, buried garbage compactors, vertical garbage compactors, hooklifts, compression vehicles, arm-swing trucks, road sweepers and kitchen garbage collecting vehicles.

Right now our annual production capacity is 200,000 hydraulic cylinders, 2,000 sets of hydraulic systems and 100,000 pneumatic cylinders. There are 100 series of products with over 1,000 models.