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Hydraulic system for vertical filter press

Hydraulic system for vertical filter press

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Register date:2014.12.25

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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters
The system is mainly for automatic frame type vertical filter press. It can achieve functions such as opening, closing, pressurizing of the frame components, rotating of filter cloth’s driving motor, rotating of filter cloth’s stretching motor, rectifying deviation of anti-deviation cylinder, etc.

Two pumps supply oil in the system, meeting different speed request when the frame components are closed, realizing stable operation and non-impact stopping, saving energy and cutting heat of the system. Pressure transmitter and energy accumulator are applied in the channel of hydraulic cylinder’s extrusion cavity, automatically controlling the pressure with electric control, ensuring pressure and safety.

Hydraulic systems we produce for main units of 6m², 12m², 15m², 20m², 40m² and 84m² have become a series.