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Electro-hydraulic integration system for compressed garbage station

Electro-hydraulic integration system for compressed garbage station

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Register date:2014.12.25

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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters
Electro-hydraulic integration system is matching product of compressed garbage truck and also the key part of it. It consists of three parts, hydraulic station, electric control cabinet and installation frame.

The first two is installed on the frame which is a movable guide rail that allows pushing and pulling. The system can be moved to an ideal position to be installed, repaired and maintained through windows on both sides. Like the way of a drawer, it is very easy to operate.

Electrical relay, alarm, PLC, control panel, etc. are all installed in the electric cabinet for control, display and alarm, simplifying the wire connection. Data collected can be read, written and saved, realizing digitalized control, allowing users to look through complete working procedures of the system without opening the cabinet. There are three ways of control, cabinet control, cable control and wireless control.

Introduction of hydraulic station & installation frame’s code
YTJ——Electro-hydraulic integration system
XX——Motor power: 5.5KW /7.5KW
XX——D High standard configuration G  Average standard configuration D
XX——Length:2052 /1997 /1900
Note: Types with length of 2052 and 1997 have air cooling, while the type with length of 1900 doesn’t.
2、Procurement of main components
2.1 High standard configuration
Motor: ABB (Joint venture)
Gear pump: MARZOCCHI (Italy)
Solenoid valve, throttle valve, hydraulic controlled check valve: Atos (Italy)
Pressure sensor: Barksdale
Average standard configuration
Rongcheng Da Xing Motor
Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co.,(HCHC)
Shanghai Lixin Hydraulics Co., Ltd
3、Length of the hydraulic station (2052, 1997, 1900) is the width of the garbage compression box.

1. The wire between the cabinet and aviation plug of the compression box’s service entrance is 7 meter long. The wire between the plug to the power supply cabinet is 13 meter long.
2. Length of wire used in cable control: 20m
3. Length of wire used in cabinet control: 10m
Configuration 1 
Motor power 7.5KW 
Rated RPM 1440r/min 
Rated pressure 20MPa 
Working pressure 18MPa
Nominal flow rate 18L/min
Configuration 2
Motor power 5.5KW 
Rated RPM 1440r/min 
Rated pressure 17MPa
Working pressure 16MPa
Nominal flow rate  

Width of garbage compression container varies among suppliers, resulting in different length of electro-hydraulic integration system. Sizes that are now under mass production: 1900, 1997, 2052.
For your convenience, rules of writing the system’s code are as follow: (Codes of hydraulic station, installation frame and electric control cabinet should be written separately)