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Hydraulic system for aerated brick making machine
  • Hydraulic system for aerated brick making machine

Hydraulic system for aerated brick making machine

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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters
The system is used in aerated brick making machine. According to production procedures of the machine, the system can be divided into: flipping crane hydraulic system, bottom removing platform hydraulic system, transaction jack hydraulic system, stacking crane hydraulic system, depiler crane hydraulic system, clamping machine hydraulic system, etc. Other systems such as front kettle crane hydraulic system, glass severing machine hydraulic system, etc. can be added according to requests of different production lines.

The systems we design and manufacture have appropriate structure, small & pleasing outlook and steady performance. We have already become key supplier of companies such as KEDA Suremaker and so on.

All the lifting and turning cylinders are controlled by proportional directional valves realizing slow steady start, quick approach to work station and slow steady stop. Besides, balance valves are inserted in the turning circuit, avoiding speed loss from gravity shift in the turning process. Proportional overflow valve is adopted to cut energy loss and heating. Air cooler is used to control temperature of the oil. Vane pump is applied for it is quiet, economical, and durable.

Pressure oil filter and returning oil filter are used to ensure cleanliness of the medium.
We massively apply joints and pipes that meet DIN(Germany) and SAE(US) standards. With application of high precision phosphate hydraulic steel tubes, the installation time is greatly shortened and the influence of welding slag on proportional valve system is minimized.