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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters

Hydraulic cylinders for vertical compressed garbage station include 1 compressed cylinder, 1 loading cylinder, 4 gate cylinders, 2 hanging box cylinders and 2 safety cylinders. The compressed cylinder consists of 1 main compressed cylinder, 2 secondary compressed cylinders and oil tank. The loading cylinder is a three stages double acting telescopic cylinder. We are a professional supplier of hydraulic cylinders for vertical compressed garbage station. We guarantee the life span, safety and performance of our cylinders. Users can find our unique marks in details. For example, imported seal kits are used on piston of the compressed cylinder to prevent oil leak, avoiding falling of the tank, protecting safety of people and property; Unions are used to connect pipelines between cylinders achieving perfect seal under vibration, avoiding pollution from oil leak. The loading cylinder is made from cold drawn tube, with high yield strength. Professional imported seals for telescopic cylinders are adopted with low temperature resistance and high quality. The other three single stage hydraulic cylinders are manufactured according to our standard structure with high quality seals and short production time.


Configuration list of hydraulic cylinders for vertical compressed garbage station
FAST Standard Code Name Specifications Quantity Remark
FZ-CZ-100T-YS-01 compressed cylinder 250/150X2000-950180/125X1800-950 1 main cylinder/ secondary cylinder/ tank
FZ-CZ-100T-ZC-01 loading cylinder 150/120/90-140/110/75X3710-1730 1  
FZ-CZ-100T-ZM-01 gate cylinder 63/45X1450-1715 4  
FZ-CZ-100T-GX-01 hanging box cylinder 40/20X60X60-542 2 double rods extended
FZ-CZ-100T-AQ-01 safety cylinder 40/20X120-310 2