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We acquired verification of ISO/ TS16949:2009

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In October 2013, suppliers were required to apply TS16949 as WUZHENG apply the system in their own. It is alsoour management team’s hope that quality management can be improved through theimplementation of TS16949. Therefore, we took the chance to establish the system.

Head of our quality management departmentMr. Song Guibin attended the Supplier Quality Improving Meeting of WUZHENG andInitiation Meeting of TS Project on behalf of our company in Oct. 2013. In thesame month, we signed a contract of TS16949 consulting with Beijing ZhishangShenzhou Consulting Company, taking the first step of the establishment of thequality control system. 

Staff of our company took part in thetraining lesson of ISO/TS16949:2009 internal auditor from 7th to 13thDec. 2013, acquiring certificate of internal auditor.

APQP team was set up in February 2014 consistingof Mr. Song Guibin, technicians and engineers with Mr. Song as leader of theteam and Mr. Wang Lei, head of process planning department, as deputy supervisor.With the help of the consulting company, the team completed the promotion of ISO/TS16949:2009, finishedmaterial preparation of five stages of APQP and passed three major auditsincluding system, product and process.

We signed verification contract withNQA global assurance on 9th May, 2014. 

We passed the stage 1 audit ofquality management system by NQA on 13th Aug, 2014. 

We passed stage 2 audit of qualitymanagement system by NQA from 3rd to 5th Nov, 2014. 

We received certificate of ISO/TS16949:2009on 13th Jan, 2015. 

Management tools andmanagement process in the system such as APQP, CP, PAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA, etc.have given us effective ways to run the company. Applying managing measures ofautomobile industry to the production process of hydraulic products canguarantee the quality and customer satisfaction, providing solid base forquality management, building strong support for our products entering automobileindustry. Obtaining the certificate is a milestone for our quality management.It has a profound impact on the development of our company.