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Report of 2015 Commercial Meeting of WUZHENG

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WUZHENG 2015 Commercial Meeting was held at Jin Jiang Hotel in Lan Qiao, Ri Zhao, from 24th to 25th Jan with the theme of upgrading of technique, quality, management and service. More than 1000 representatives from more than 600 supply companies attended the meeting including 2 from our company.

As a professional domestic manufacturer of agriculture machine & vehicles,WUZHENG has gained high reputation in the industry. Its agricultural tricycles is at the top in domestic market and its municipal vehicle and equipment have also advanced quickly in recent years.

Our cooperation with WUZHENG started in 2012, expanding from small hooklift to complete series of municipal vehicles and equipment as well as agricultural tractors over the years. 

Under thenew economic situation, an overall upgrade of management will take place inWUZHENG in 2015, bringing new challenge for the suppliers. Suppliers that failto make timely improvements will be eliminated. As a current supplier, we haveto make advance in our delivery, quality and service to improve and expand ourcooperation. It is our firm belief that we can achieve our goal. 

Written by Liu Weitao from Sales Company

30th, Jan, 2015