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Servomechanism cuts by half the energy cost of tire vulcanizing machine

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News from CCIN “It saves 40%-50% energy for tire vulcanizing machine, doubles the interval between system oil changes, reduces failure rate and repair time by more than 50%.”Those are the three astonishing figures Mr. Wang Shusheng, CEO of Yantai Future Automatic Equipments Co., Ltd., told reporter of CCIN when introducing the newly launched servomechanism hydraulic system for hydraulic tire vulcanizing machine. 

“In fields like plastic injection molding machinery, it is the unavoidable trend that servomechanism motors will replace hydraulic pumps. Companies in cities such as Dongwan, Wuhan, Xiamen, etc. have activated servomechanism improvement project of plastic injection molding machinery, but servomechanism system for hydraulic tire vulcanizing machine is newly developed, same in the foreign market. This technique used to be only applied in small components such as the seals. Few multinational tire manufacturers have not applied it in the production until recently, greatly reducing the energy cost.”said Mr. Wang.

Then Mr. Wang did the math for reporter. Power of servomechanism’s main motor is 15kw, 15kw less than that of the average motor. Assuming the hydraulic system operates for 3min every two tires, the system can save 0.375kw every tire vulcanized. If every machine can vulcanize 50,000 tires annually and the price for electricity is 1yuan/kw, then each machine can save 18750yuan per year, retrieving the cost in one year. Assuming each machine needs 1,000L hydraulic oil per year, production capacity is 10 million tires per year, when the cycle for oil change extends from 6 months to 12 months, 200 thousand liters of oil can be saved per year. If we assume the oil price is 10yuan/L, then 2 million yuan can be saved per year.  

According to Mr. Wang’s introduction, two ways of control are now applied in hydraulic tire vulcanizing machine, variable pump & proportional selector valve and proportional pump. Both of the methods have high energy cost, frequent oil change, required high cleanliness of the medium and relatively high failure rate. Servomechanism is compatible with the original machine. It saves 50% power of the main motor, and can reduce power output, heating of the system, cooling area and use of cooling water, extending service life of hydraulic medium. It not only saves energy but hydraulic medium as well.

Writer: Meng Jing  12th Dec. 2014    Source: CCIN