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Won the title of Technical Centre of Shandong Province

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Approved by Shan Dong Economic and Information Technology Committee, Yantai Future Automatic Equipments Co., Ltd. became Technical Center of Shandong Province in Nov. 2014. This is the highest level of technical center we have, a display of technical innovation ability. 

Leaders of our company have attached great importance to the technical center since it was founded. After years of improvement, the center has begun to take shape. Strong scientific experiment ability and high experiment standards guarantee national standard designed product performance. Company has been giving the center sufficient financial support to ensure favorable working environment and motivate the staff, resulting in smooth process of every project. As key enterprise of the industry, Yantai Future combines marketing, R & D and production together, maintaining solid technical reserves while developing new products. Establishment of the technical center enhances resource and technology communication, strengthens creativity and accelerates technology progress. We should increase subject consciousness, improve center management; develop creativity mechanism based on targeted marketing and social resources, building the technical center into a center of communication, taking the development of technical center into a whole new level.