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Brief report on establishment of TS16949

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By 5th, Nov. 2014, all the audit of TS16949 has come to an end. Since Nov. 2013, when our company started to build TS16949 quality management system, our staff has given it the best attention, taking related training, forming APQP special team, learning TS knowledge, and finally completing TS16949 system spending countless day and night no matter if it is work day or holiday. Due to hard work of the APQP team, we successfully passed the first trial 13th Aug, and second trial Nov. 3rd to 5th. We are now officially qualified for TS16949. 

Even though the audit was a success, we still have a lot to improve. The next step for the TS management team is to examine and rectify problems within the company. We call on all departments to cooperate, promoting the improvement work of TS quality management system.